Next Generation VIRB® X and VIRB XE Action Cams from Garmin

snow action team 23.08.2015

Garmin last week announced the next generation of their multi-tasking HD action cameras, VIRB X and VIRB XE. Compact and capable of shooting rich, HD footage up to 1440p/30fps, VIRB X and XE include enhanced recording options as well as an all-new form factor. The updated design allows for more mounting options and is waterproof to 50 metres without the need for an external underwater case. We were already impressed by them last year, can’t wait to try the new models – anyone who follows @GarminAU will be familiar with just how popular Garmnin stuff is downunder now.

In addition to enhanced video and audio modes, VIRB X and XE include a plethora of built-in sensors and wireless functionality options, which can be utilised through the new G-Metrix™ data feature for a wide array of data overlays and a richer viewing experience. Users can analyse their power output by overlaying Vector™ data, show off high G-loading during an aerobatic flight, or re-live the runs made and vertical feet covered during a powder ski day with the help of fēnix® 3.

“With the updated design, enhanced recording options, built-in sensors and the introduction of G-Metrix, VIRB X and XE represent a bold step forward in the evolution of action cameras for consumers and professionals alike,” said Matt DeMoss, General Manager, Garmin Australasia. “We are extremely excited to bring these cameras to market, and see not only the content that users share, but also how far, how fast, and how crazy their adventures really are.”

Designed for Action

VIRB XE is designed to shoot professional HD footage at 1440p/30fps and 1080p/60fps with super slow-mo, image stabilisation and different zoom levels. VIRB X shoots crisp HD footage at 1080p/30fps and 720p/60fps with slow-mo and zoom options. With the still image sensor, both versions can capture sharp still photos and photo bursts with up to 12MP image quality. Additionally, VIRB XE has a Pro Mode with more advanced manual camera adjustments such as white balance control, sharpness control, color profile control, ISO limit and exposure bias.

Meant to withstand the toughest environments, both VIRB XE and VIRB X are waterproof to 50 metres and don’t require an external case. A hydrophobic, flat glass lens on both models ensures underwater shots are crystal clear while transitions in and out of the water are unobstructed by droplets. VIRB X and XE feature a new microphone for extremely clear audio, even underwater, and Bluetooth Audio connectivity for Bluetooth-enabled headsets or microphones. VIRB X and XE also have more professional and secure mounts with a non-slip allen head tightening system, allowing maximum torque for impact and vibration resistance.

VIRB X and XE are equipped with a variety of built-in sensors, and the ability to connect wirelessly to even more through Bluetooth, ANT+ and Wi-Fi, for users recording more than just video. With G-Metrix, VIRB X and XE utilise internal sensors like the high-sensitivity GPS, accelerometer and gyroscope, and compatible devices and accessories like an HRM-Run, fēnix 3 multisport watch or Vector power metre to track movements in real time and capture more performance data. Additionally, VIRB X and XE are compatible with Bluetooth-enabled OBD tools to capture true vehicle data like speed, RPM and throttle position.

Through the built-in Wi-Fi, users can now connect VIRB X and XE to the VIRB Mobile app on both smartphones and tablets. With VIRB Mobile, users can get a live stream of video to set up shots and see what’s being recorded, control and view multiple cameras, or even quickly edit and overlay G-Metrix data, making it easier than ever to upload and share video content. When connected to the mobile app, users will never lose their camera with the VIRB tracking feature, which records the last known GPS position of the camera for easy recovery.

Compact and Easy to Use

The updated form factor of the VIRB X and XE takes the guesswork out of using action cameras and capturing great video. A high-contrast 1-inch display allows for fast and straightforward camera configuration, and with one-touch controls, users can easily wake the device and start and stop recording with a simple switch. There is also a dedicated photo button to take stills at any time, even while the camera is recording.

Using removable and rechargeable batteries, VIRB X and XE can get up to 2 hours of battery life at 1080p and store video and data on microSD cards. The cameras also feature weatherproof contacts for rugged charging and powering on the go.

Editing Made Simple

VIRB Edit™, Garmin’s free desktop editing software, can automatically generate great, ready-to-share videos with the G-Metrix data collected by VIRB. Or, users can choose manual controls to review and edit footage, adjust the G-Metrix data gauges and add music. Using the GPS timestamp, VIRB Edit can also automatically sync footage from multiple cameras for seamless angle switching in multi-camera compilation edits. Users will even be able to create custom performance gauges and graphs for a more unique video. The VIRB Mobile app can also be used for quick edits, or while on the go, on both smartphones and tablets. With the app, users can quickly cut footage, overlay MotionMetrix gauges and add music, which makes uploading and sharing content faster and more painless.

The VIRB X and XE are available in Australia now for a recommended retail price of $429 for the VIRB X and $529 for the VIRB XE.