Free Avi Beacon Sessions at Alpine Backcountry Berridale

snow action team 23.06.2021

Interest in back country snow is booming and to help you get into there are some great new FREE avi beacon sessions from the new Alpine Backcountry store in Berridale.

Alpine Backcountry boss John Morrell was the original Aussie powder guide in Hokkaido for 40 years or so, and with the quiet COVID affected season up there he decided to ship a container of great gear back from his back country store there to be ready for a big winter downunder.

Avi gear for free beacon sessions at Alpine Backcountry shop, Berridale
Check out the gear and how to use it with FREE ‘Backcountry 101’ sessions © Alpine Backcountry, Berridale

The new Alpine Backcountry store in the old bakery building at Berridale feature a plenty of great skis mounted up with different AT bindings systems to hire and buy – DPS and Rossis are prominent.

Tonight they kick of their first ‘BACKCOUNTRY 101 – Backcountry Information Night’ – Free!

Morrell explains “We are running a series of free information sessions at our new shop in the Old Bakery, Berridale Shops. Since opening we have had great feedback, some of which is a thirst for knowledge about backcountry skiing, the equipment and the skills required.”

“Have you ever wondered just what an avalanche beacon is, and how it works? Well, it is short notice, but with school holidays upon us, I am running the first session Wednesday the 23rd of June, from 5:30 to about 6:30 pm. I will give you a hands on experience with using a beacon and the asociated equipment, and will include a stop watch beacon search, in the dark, to make it more challenging! This only works for smallish groups, say minimum 4 and maximum 6-8, so if you are keen, please send me a PM with your contact details. You’ll need warm clothing incl jacket, hat and gloves.

“In subsequent sessons I’ll go over the different types of equipment, how to use skins, the variety of AT bindings and more. See you in beautiful downtown Berridale.”

Snow Action has been out with John and his sometime guide Tim Macartney-Snape in the Tokachi Mountains of central Hokkaido and can personally vouch for the depth of his knowledge.

Hopefully that will be back on the menu next winter, but who knows?

Meantime the Aussie backcountry is filling in nicely, with some bouts of crazy weather, remembering it is still only June. Plenty to look forward to into October.

The next session is scheduled for Wednesday next week (3rd July) – get on and contact them to register on the link below. And check out the shop when you next drive through and online at www.alpinebackcountry.com.au

New Alpine Backcountry shop in Berridale

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