Flexiroam delivers great value global data anywhere, anytime, always!

snow action team 14.02.2020

We are all over being ripped off for global data usage with our regular operators. Who hasn’t had a bill shock if they forgot to switch off roaming? Or worse, just used their phone without realising how much it cost.

It sucked, and still sucks! The alternatives of stuffing around with different sims in different countries saves money sure, but time and effort – especially for older/lower tec travellers – are big downsides.

Super simple to switch back to your Home SIM anytime

Now you don’t have to. Just load up either a Microchip ‘SIM sticker’, SIM (Standard/Micro/Nano) – leaving your existing sim in place – or use the eSIM on late generation phones (iPhone XR, XS/XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max), download the Flexiroam X app and grab the cheap global data you need for whenever and wherever you want to go. Forever. SIMple!

No monthly charges, no fees, just select the Flexiroam X option in your phone, turn on mobile data, and it will instantly link up to the best provider signal wherever you are. It works in over 150 countries using over 580 network providers. You can choose LOCAL plans for one country, GLOBAL for multi, and there are plenty of deals.

You can get a sign up pack with $USD 10 included data credit for $AUD 14.99, which includes postage of your ‘SIM sticker’ or SIM if you don’t have an eSIM capable phone.

Before you head off it’s easy to enter your travel dates and check latest data deals to suit your needs depending if you are doing a single or multi country trip, and for how long.

It’s got very popular with airline crews among others, and for traveling skiers it’s a no brainer.

If you forget before you go it’s no drama – all options come with some free data so just do it on arrival in the app. You can share data with friends and family with your app QR code – easily setting how much, so parents can give the kids some etc.

The app is excellent, easy to navigate and sort out what you want with data bonuses for referring friends and a really simple share your date option so perfect for family plans or with friends – the sharer allocates how much data they want to share/

When you get home just go into settings and switch back to your Home SIM. It’s that simple!

Running an iPhone 7 I found it dead easy to install the Microchip ‘SIM sticker’, and I’m neither the youngest, nor sharpest tool in the tec shed.

Instead of stuffing around waiting for wifi connections or looking for SIM roaming options now I just select Flexiroam X and go. Stay tuned for results with far more live posts rather than waiting to get on wifi later.

A couple of things to note, obviously this is for data, so don’t make regular calls. To receive any regular texts that won’t come in as data messages you can just switch back to your Home SIM (remembering to turn off roaming when you do). Switch back to Flexiroam to answer with data messages – you can easily set your phone number in your Flexiroam settings so people will recognise it’s you contacting them as normal.

CallCloud are the Australian distributors of Flexiroam.

Enjoy super convenient & very cost effective data roaming in over 150 countries using over 580 network providers. A starter pack is just $AUD 14.99 including $USD 10 of global credit.

Family specials and other great deals are available. No ongoing fees, no need to put SIMs in and out of your phone.

Just set up once and load up data packs for when and where you are going anytime henceforth.

Too easy!