Danielle Scott’s Iso inspiration video hit list

Australian Freestyle skier Danielle Scott endured a double whammy – first injury wiping out her 2019-2020 season and taking her off snow for months anyway, then COVID-19 putting here in the Iso bubble like the rest of us.

The GoPro advocate has made some cool content herself, being passionate about all things adventure, especially when it comes to incredible content! So she put together a little list of what has been inspiring her to stay creative in isolation.

She’s as at home on or under the water as on the snow too.

Training selfie time, Moscow World Cup © Danielle Scott

Danielle’s fave list:

GoPro Awards: #HomePro Freeride Skiing 

“I just love it. The creativity and editing skills in this are brilliant! In such a crazy time, we should be exploring our creativity and this is the perfect inspiration to do so. I’m meant to be skiing/training right now but unfortunately, I’m stuck at home like everyone else, so what’s better than visualising it, re-enacting it!”

GoPro: “Just Breathe” | Searching The Maya Underworld | Part II

“When I watch films, I want to be taken away to another land and experience things I’ve never experienced before. This is an unbelievable adventure and I’m mesmerised sitting back and watching it in my own home.”

GoPro: Kelly Slater and Dolphins Surf The Box

“This is an oldie but a goodie. I remember seeing this first come out when I had just finished my winter season overseas and I couldn’t wait to get back in the surf with my GoPro. As if watching the legendary Kelly Slater with a bunch of dolphins and barrels in Australia isn’t entertaining enough! It also makes you appreciate the quality that exists in today’s GoPro HER0 8 ha.”

That’s one GoPro mount we hadn’t thought of © Danielle Scott

GoPro Awards: Million Dollar Challenge Highlight in 4K | HERO8 Black + MAX

“If there’s a video out there to inspire me to go and create content, this is it. I love seeing how other people use their GoPro’s and what adventures their chasing/how they’re capturing them. So much talent in this edit whether it was effortless or a collaboration of masterminds.”

GoPro: Dunes – Sand Skiing in Peru

“This edit sings to my soul! The story, the fun, their accomplishment, and their character that unfolds makes me so happy watching it. I feel like I’m right there with them and as a skier in a summer-orientated country, it makes me remember that there are so many ways to do things!”

GoPro: Danielle Scott Skydiving NZ 

“My first-time sky diving was unreal and to have it captured in so many angles, makes me want to relive and watch it over and over again!”

Abe Kislevitz

“Abe’s edits are epic. I admire his skill and attention to detail. This edit takes the viewer on a ride through the different perspectives of something simple and makes it so entertaining. He really takes the GoPro’s to their full potential.”

Brutal Octopus slap by a seal caught on GoPro HERO7BLACK in NZ Kaikoura (short story)

“The crazy thing about adventure and action is that every now and again, there is always something that will leave a lasting memory. It’s incredible what these guys experienced and with the GoPro being so versatile and easy to film with, it’s moments like these that you don’t want to miss!”

The World Cup Tour has taken Danielle to some pretty crazy places not on most skier’s radars: Check her feature on those here.

Worse places to be in iso .. © Danielle Scott