COVID lingers: No SIA Ski & Snowboard Tests for 2021

snow action team 30.04.2021

Bad news for anyone who likes to try-before-they-buy in the new skis and snowboards department downunder – the popular SIA Ski Tests when skiers can go test the latest and greatest skis FREE from most of the main ski brands imported into Australia – are off again,

They were were cancelled last year for obvious reasons.

But the lingering effects of capacity control worries have led to them being cancelled once more for 2021. That’s especially bad as many people who missed out on their O/S trips, or skiing at all last year, are cashed up and keen.

SIA ski test at Perisher 2019
Steve Leeder testing Kastle at the 2019 SIA Tests Perisher © Owain Price / snowaction.com.au

SIA President Ed Fortey told members:

“Following extensive discussions with Perisher and Falls Creek the SIA will be unable to hold the SIA On-Snow Tests this year.

With the likelihood of capacity restrictions within the resorts the only days made available for the SIA to hold the On-Snows were mid-week days. We feel that it is imperative that our event be exposed to the maximum number of consumers at the chosen resort/s and we do not believe this will be possible if we are unable to utilise the resorts on a weekend.

This decision was not made lightly, it is important that we hold these events as an Industry obligation in their full format. The SIA Board feel that the On-Snows will not be viable without the weekends. The uncertainty around Covid has resulted in necessary change and we are still dealing in the unknown but our event is about maximising the opportunity for resort visitors to try a variety of products on offe at no cost.

The SIA understands that our members who exhibit at the On-Snows make a large financial commitment to do so. We feel that this event will not be as viable if held during the week. In addition, there are a few other factors that have come into play such as accommodation cost. 

We hope that we can get back on track for 2022 and make it a viable proposition for SIA members and the resorts as a benefit to the consumer. We hope that the challenges that the resorts face this Winter are no longer an issue in 2022.”

Amen to that. It’s a great opportunity to test what you like, or think you might like.

Our lead tester Steve Crazy and me had a ball at the 2019 Perisher SIA – loving boards from Kastle, Elan, Volkl, K2 and Dynastar to name a few we ripped on.

So many great brands to choose from normally © Owain Price / snowaction.com.au