Carve Fighter Pilot Shield Sunnies Great Value

Carve Fighter Pilot Shield Sunnies are great value for all-season multi activity lifestyles says our tester Steve Leeder after spring ski touring and mtb trail bashing in them.

Spring ski touring is in full swing, bike season is totally on and the fishing season has just opened. So the time for a pair of new shield style glasses seems perfect.

Testing Carve Fighter Pilot Shield Sunnies on a rugged MTB trail
On yer bike they stay snug © Exped Images

I have been shooting all the snow goggles for CARVE over the last couple weeks and in that drop were a couple of pairs of the new shields they are doing. So I thought I’d get out there with them and check them out on my bike and on a ski tour and tell you my thoughts.

With so many shield glasses on the market it’s pretty hard to find one that does all the jobs and doesn’t cost a mint. But I think I have found a couple that will do just nicely.

CARVE are the go to glasses for the summer, right? They look good, don’t cost heaps and have a really good lens for checking out the waves!

The last couple of tours I wore the FIGHTER PILOT – a full frame, Iridium lens sunglass.  The category rating for the lens is a 3, which means high level of sun glare reduction and good UV protection.

The fit of the glass for me was awesome: full wrap, close fit on my nose and cheeks. There is a rubber nosepiece that just moves enough to grip your nose. Looking through the lens was awesome, everything became so much brighter and crisper.

Skinning out I think the glasses fit me too good as I was getting a little bit of fogging in one lens when I stopped moving.  As soon as there was even a little bit of air moving over the lens they cleared right away.

I skied a few laps with them on and the glasses didn’t move an inch on my face. 

As bike sunglasses I was really stoked. No movement, same great fit and as I had no fogging.  Following a crew through some really dusty and rocky trails I had a few rocks thrown up at me and I found a scratch on the lens, but didn’t notice at all on my ride.

So I’m not going to call them safety glasses, but they saved my eyes a few times already.

The new range of glasses and goggles will be available from SACRED RIDE or Carve.

Bottom Line: the $79.99 price tag definitely puts these at the top of my list of shields!

Carve Fighter Pilot Shield Sunnies close up view
Carve Fighter Pilot Shield Sunnies are great value © Steve Leeder