Big News: Warren Miller Back Live with Future Retro

snow action team 15.03.2021

Big news for snow lovers: Warren Miller is back live with Future Retro, edition #71 of the amazing movie saga set for a 40 plus stop tour in Australia and New Zealand kicking off May 7 in Auckland and May 12 in Melbourne.

For so many of us the annual pre-season Miller movie is the perfect get together to rekindle the stoke with fellow snow addicts ahead of the season.

Surfing Iceland segment of Warren Miller's Future Retro movie
No shortage of exotic locations and random craziness like surfing Iceland © Matt Hardy / Warren Miller Entertainment

Last year they had to go virtual, which was OK, but nothing beats the full movie theatre experience and actually catching up with your crew to view it.

Future Retro is the latest Miller movie that blends the latest female talent like progressive young skiers Lexi duPont and Amie Engerbretson who journey to the heart of deep-rooted ski culture in Switzerland with the like of legendary original ‘extreme skiers’ Scot Schmidt and the Egan brothers. They show a new crop of athletes how they were responsible for the extreme-skiing movement of the ’80s and ’90s, and the next generation of skiers and riders show us what it means to challenge the status quo.

Exotic and wild locations are always part of the Miller mix, and Future Retro doesn’t dissapoint as freeskiers Baker Boyd and Victor Major rip the endless peaks of Iceland, using a 1,300-year-old farm as their base camp.

Nick Russell slashes a line in Atarctica in Warren Miller's Future Retro
Nick Russell slashing Antarctica © Matt Hardy / Warren Miller Entertainment

Even wilder, a trio of world-class snowboarders Elena Hight, Danny Davis and Nick Russell travel to Antarctica and witness the impact of climate change.

From competitive triumph on the road to the podium at the World Cup in Killington to pushing boundaries of big-mountain skiing in Alaska, Future Retro ties it all together with blasts from the past, present and future.

Future Retro premieres on May 7 in Auckland for NZ and May 12 in Melbourne for AUS and then travel across Australia & New Zealand to more than 40 locations.

Film attendees will enjoy gear deals and gear discounts from WME resort and retail partners. Plus, all moviegoers are entered into nightly door-prize drawings and the national sweepstakes to win gear, swag, and ski trips.

Tickets are on sale now details here for Australia and here for New Zealand 

Scot Schmidt smashing a steep Montana line in Warren Miller's Future Retro
Scot Schmidt still smashing the steep – this time in Montana © Ian Anderson / Warren Miller Entertainment