Beyond Bend Zee Knees: New Zermatt Carv App Lessons

snow action team 05.12.2021

Go way beyond “Bend Zee Knees!” with new Zermatt Carv App lessons from Zermatters.ch this winter.

The Carv App itself has been taking the snow World by storm with it’s hi tec, yet essentially simple system of in boot sensors that zap info to the app to give you (and their/your coaches) the real time info to see where you are going well or not so well.

“Do I need an app to tell me I’m skiing like crap?” may cross your mind. It did mine. Hey, that’s what friends are for after all.

Not too worry. The Carv app is far more subtle, giving you a “Ski I.Q.” rating based on your performance as measured by the sensors.

Zermatters.ch graphic showing how they use the Carv app for ski lessons
The Zermatters.ch team will work with you to analyse the Carv app data and improve your skiing © Zermatters.ch

The Carv team have added more personalised coaching into the app, “Carv will give you a personalised focus area based on your last few days of skiing, so you’ll know exactly what – and how – to improve” is their claim.

You can check out areas like edge angle and outside ski pressure for example.

The Carv set up includes the hardware, and an annual subscription to their own in-app coaching programs for full benefit from it. You can opt out of the annual program and continue to self-monitor (or have a ski pro/expert friend) analyse the data anyway.

The clip on pack weighs only 326gms and is just 3mm thick. The battery provides 3 days skiing life.

The Carv sensor pad fits under your liners, so can easily be used in any boots, custom moulded or not. 36 sensors in each foot provide the feedback to tell you how you are preforming in critical areas like forward stance and foot roll so you can work on the specific areas you need.

Where’s Wolli? © Zermatt.ch

Zermatters.ch are the first ski school in the world to develop an intensive technical course using Carv as a digital measurable aid.

“Our ski instructors are specially trained to deliver these courses. Carv is the first digital tool that supports skiers and ski instructors during teaching and makes progress measurable. 

Using a digital application, a ski boot insole with 36 attached pressure sensors and a motion sensor, Carv enables ski instructors to analyse movements in intricate detail. The data is processed 25 times per second and transmitted via the app in real time. 

Your ZERMATTERS ski instructor analyses your data and uses it to help develop your technique with targeted exercises.

Incorporating Carv into our skiing lessons means that every participant can measure their progress. This combination of a ski instructor and the Carv app is something you won’t find anywhere else in the world! We’re confident that you’ll make the progress you’re aiming for in no time at all.”

With the longest downhill ski runs in the World – 26km from the Klein Matterhorn back to the village – there is nowhere better suited to applying the Carv technology in this way.

Good excuse to go back we think! Check why we rate Zermatt one of our handful of ‘World’s Best Ski Resorts’ on the link below.

For more on the Zermatters.ch programs which also include awesome freeride and heli options check their website.

Order Carv for yourselves and check them out here.