Attiba Venice aprés boots with built in crampons

snow action team 24.11.2017

It’s the biggest shopping day of the year so why not treat yourself to the amazing Attiba Venice aprés boots with built in crampons ladies?

Attiba Venice apres boots

Never slip in snow with Attiba Venice pop out crampons!

Slipping over on ice and snow round the resort village is not just embarassing, it’s painful – an injury can wreck your holiday or your season. I made the switch to Attiba Venice aprés boots and just love the pop out Attiba Sole crampons that mean no slip ups, even when it’s really icy.
They’re warm, comfortable and stylish too, and have done me two full seasons in Patagonia and still look good.
With adjustable front laces but the ease of a side zip for entry, and a touch of faux fur, they are must haves girls!
– Carmen Price
Available at lots of ski & board stores $AUD 229.95
for stockists/buy go to www.hh-sports.com.au