Action Sports Anchor saves your phone-GoPro-whatever in the snow or wherever!

The Action Sports Anchor clip on stretch cord for your smart phone or action camera is a no brainer. Do the math: lose a $1,000 smart phone or $500 action camera or spend $20 on the Action Sports Anchor.
It’s one of those ideas that after you see it makes you go, “Of course! Why didn’t I think of that!”. But you didn’t, and neither did we. Fortunately Aaron Schereck did.

Action Sports Anchor on snow
Use it, don’t lose it! With Action Sports Anchor attached you wont © Action Sports Anchor

We met Aaron at the Australian Ski Industry Association annual Trade Show in Canberra, which may not be as big as the mega European ISPO show in Munich or SIA America show in Denver, but it does showcase some smart locals with great products they are taking to the Aussie market and the World.

Aaron, a keen skier, got the idea sitting on the chairlift one day at Perisher a couple of years ago. He couldn’t find a suitable product so decided to make his own, and a few more for family and friends. Then as people saw them in use and started asking where he bought it all of a sudden he realised the potential. With an ad agency background he’s no slouch in the marketing department, and set about sourcing the best materials to make it durable, effective and long lasting.

From Perisher to the World for the new Aussie export! © Action Sports Anchor

Action Sports Anchors are 100% Australian made, with marine quality chords not el cheapo import options, and strong clips with metal chord hook fasteners.
The system is super simple – just thread the tie on through any hole in your phone cover and clip the other end onto a zipper or your belt or helmet strap for the GoPro on the helmet (hands up who has lost one skiing trees?) and off you go.

For $20 it’s a steal, or grab their 4 for 3 pack deal on the link here.

After a highly successful showing at the American SIA show in Denver last January they already have orders from major US ski shop chains. From such a simple idea (when seen after someone else thought of it!) he has launched another Aussie export industry. Who needs coal?

Action Sports Anchor clip slips easily onto your smartphone case
Slip the logo anchor end on your smartphone/camera case ready to snap on or off whenever you want
Anchor it to a zip or buckle

You can grab Sports Anchors in several stores now or just get online and get yours and/or grab their 4 for 3 pack deal on the link here. Be ready for the season. They are selling like hot cakes to tradies and mountain bikers already too. It’s one of those things you wonder how you did without it – don’t drop your phone give it a bungy-chord style lifeline and never drop it or lose it again.

Sports Anchors are already available at leading snow stores like Rhythm © Action Sports Anchor
Use Action Sports Anchor on the job
Use it on the job © Action Sports Anchor
Use Action Sports Anchor on your mountain bike
Use it on your bike © Action Sports Anchor