100% custom build snowboards from Savage Panda

snow action team 03.05.2017

100% custom build snowboards were virtually impossible to get previously, but not anymore! New Aussie company Savage Panda Snowboards make 100% personalised custom build snowboards exactly to your specifications.
It’s a total disruption of the normal industry model where you buy what they tell you is good for you.

Your board, 100% – it’s like having your very own signature model

Savage Panda founders Simon Thorne and Kate Engler are no strangers to disruption. Engler turned PR on its head in Australia with her Publicity Princess business that empowered entrepreneurs to run their own publicity campaigns. Thorne stepped away from a high powered corporate GM career to follow his passion, snowboarding.
Savage Panda was conceived one night at Mount Buller towards the end of the 2015 season, when the two identified something acutely missing from the market: a genuinely 100% per cent custom-made snowboard that was tailored specifically for its owner.
Months of dedicated research followed and their instincts were proved correct.
So they went to work, spurred on to create boards that would be truly bespoke, truly unique and built specifically to each owner’s needs. Surfers and golfers alike have enjoyed custom-made designs for decades, but not the poor old snowboarder. Now that’s all changed.

“There’s been a lot of noise about ‘custom’ boards but, in essence, they’re not truly custom at all, “ Thorne says.

“Custom boards produced by the big manufacturers will usually include the tip, tail, camber and so on, but never the core. The very heart – the guts – of the board on which everything is anchored is straight off the rack like any other board. That’s where Savage Panda is different.”

100% designed and built to match your specs

“What we do at Savage Panda is so completely different. To us, a snowboarder is not just a customer. They’re the creator and visionary of their own board,” Engler adds.
“When you see a Travis Rice or a Terje Håkonsen snowboard what you have is a board designed specifically for a snowboarder at the very peak of their prowess. They’re not for everyone.
“If you’re a first-year beginner, you need a board that will provide stability and give you control and allow you to grow in your skills. Conversely, an experienced snowboarder jumping on an off-the-rack board will likely find it cumbersome, slug-like and pretty much useless,” Thorne says.
Armed with their research, the duo travelled to British Columbia to learn the craft of snowboard manufacture for themselves. The months they spent there honing their skills were also spent procuring the most experienced designers, and the very best products, including one of the few CNC machines and presses in Australasia specifically designed for the manufacture of custom snowboards.
They drew from doctoral research conducted by the RMIT University’s School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, which looked to optimise design parameters for riding style to enhance the performance and feel. This research feeds directly into ‘the brain’ of the design process, a tailored 3D AutoCAD program that crafts cores to meet the needs of each individual.
“A Savage Panda snowboard is the very pinnacle of design and our mission is to have one on every snowfield on the planet“ Thorne says.
Partners in life and crime, Thorne and Engler have flanked themselves with some incredibly strong supporters – The Savage Panda Rule-Breakers – including former pro surfer & mountain guru, Garry Taylor, former SBX competitor & current coach, Mark Cowley, and elite athlete & coach, Trav Harrison. They are united in their passion to bring truly custom-made snowboards to the world’s snowfields.
“Our snowboards are uniquely tailored almost to the very DNA of the customer. Our clients register their interest via our website and the process kicks off. We will conduct a minimum of two one-on-one consultations with our customers to determine exactly what is required for them to carve the slopes the way they want. Customers have total control over every aspect of the creative design of their snowboard; it’s their board, their way, and that’s how it should be,” Thorne said.
Artwork is completely custom too, just like the core design and construction elements. Some riders may already have a design they want put on their new board, others may have an initial concept or an idea that they’d like some design guidance in fleshing out, still others may have no idea at all. A team of snowboading artists are ready to meet customer’s needs.
“We conduct the whole process remotely with customers via video links/calls, or customers can come to our Queenscliff base in person” says Engler. “They can even watch their very own snowboard come to life at the hands of master craftsmen.”
Or do the whole process remotely via video links/calls.
They can dispatch a board to anywhere in the world at breathtaking speed once the design is signed off, completed, checked, double and triple-checked prior to dispatch.
Every Savage Panda board is actually an insert-your-name-here signature model, built exactly to the your specifications. Now that’s a custom build snowboard.

They have a competition to WIN a 7 Day Customised Cardrona Shred Adventure, details/enter & for more info or register your interest, go to

Savage Panda founders Simon Thorne and Kate Engler