Rossignol popular pick in our One Ski Quiver tests


Rossignol has been on a roll lately, with their distinctive honeycomb tip & tail free ride range best sellers all over the place. In fact lobbing into a ski rental you can get an idea of the typical snowfall just by the mix of Rossis in the rental rack range. The 106mm yellow Soul 7 was the number #1 option at lot of resorts we visited in Colorado and Utah for example, with a smattering of the others. At Grand Targhee, on the western, snowier side of the Tetons from Jackson Hole, its fatter brother, the orange 116mm underfoot Super 7, dominates the rack, with as many of the big daddy blue 120mm underfoot Squad 7 as the Soul 7s – a clear sign they get more snow on the western side of the range.
Back in Australia the green 98cm underfoot Sin 7 usually leads the pack, with some yellow Souls and none of the bigger ones in sight. For traveling Aussies the Souls have been very popular one ski quiver buying.

For 2016-2017 Rossignol has revamped the range with a beefed up construction the proved popular with our Ski Shop buyer testers. Not so surprisingly, the new Sky 7, which replaces the Sin 7 as the 98cm wide model, was especially popular.

New Rossignol Sky 7, Soul 7 HD & Super 7 HD
New Rossignol Sky 7, Soul 7 HD & Super 7 HD

Rossignol Sky 7
l 164, 172, 180, 188 p 128-98-118
r 17 @ 180 $AUD 999
“This was the other ski that I just wanted to keep with me, which was no surprise as the Sky 7 is based on the Sin 7, which I loved to ski on. The Sky 7 has a totally new core that is lighter yet slightly stiffer, and as a result has better edge hold and less tip chatter than the Sin 7. I tested the 188cm, it does it all, from powder to moguls, ice to groomers and crud, it just makes skiing such a pleasure for any level skier, this is a ski for deep powder as well as the hard icy slopes of Australia. Well priced too.”
– Paul Oberin, Pauls Ski Shop

“So many great skis! Most people will find the new Sky 7HD easier to get an edge on ice than the Soul 7 HD and many wider skis (which force you to set the edge well before the falline to grip). I found the tip shape on the Sky 7HD (and all of Rossi’s Freeride skis) almost unsinkable, giving tremendous confidence in soft snow, bumps and trees, whilst retaining excellent hard snow performance. Perfect for someone who wants a ski to make tough terrain and soft snow effortless but still needs hard snow performance.” – Brendan Smith, Snow, Skate, Surf Leumeah

Rossignol Soul 7 HD
l 164, 172, 180, 188 p 136-106-126
r 17 @ 180 $AUD 1149
The Soul 7 has been one of the best selling skis in the world, never mind downunder in recent years.The new ski has a new core for the 2016 Australian season, as well as a significant graphics change. I use the original Soul 7 for all conditions, both here and overseas in above waist deep powder, and the Soul is the closest ski I have found to being the elusive “One ski quiver”. The new HD model is even better, the new core with Carbon matrix, has given them better edge hold on the firmer snow, and greatly reduced the tip chatter if the weight is back. Many Soul 7 owners mount the bindings back for better float in deep powder; in the old model this introduced a bit of tip chatter, the new model is much better. You are going to see a lot of the new Soul 7 HD in the lift lines.”
– Paul Oberin, Pauls Ski Shop

Rossignol Super 7 HD
l 164, 172, 180, 188 p 140-116-130
r 20 @ 188 $ 1299
“I skied these just because I could! 116mm under foot handled the broken up and deeper snow well. Wouldn’t pick this ski if you’re after an all mountain ski, but had to give them a go. Good fun straight lining back to the lift.”
– Justin Rees Cooma Ski Co

Fatter Rossis in rental rack = more snow at Grand Targhee
Fatter Rossis in rental rack = more snow at Grand Targhee