LENZ Heated socks and gloves with bluetooth battery are the perfect Xmas present


LENZ heated socks and gloves will keep you skiing in any conditions!
Skiing or riding at home downunder, or up north at even colder places, can be painful when it gets that cold, especially for those with poor circulation and/or boot fit problems to exacerbate cold temperatures. But there is a simple solution. Not clunky, expensive boot heater systems, that have been around for a while, which usually lock you into proprietary systems for the one set of boots, and are only good for skiing. Forget that, Lenz have added a bluetooth battery to their awesome heated socks so you can fine tune on the go as you/the temperature warms up. This sock can be used in any of your footwear, not just in your ski boots. Comes with worldwide charger, the 1200 battery lasts for up to 14 hours & the 1800 battery up to 20 hours.

LENZ Heated Sock 5.0 & 1200 battery
LENZ Heated Sock 5.0 & 1200 battery

LENZ heated socks are huge in Europe and have been selling like hot socks in Australia too.
Unlike a heated foot bed or boot heaters, which have limited use, the heated socks can move with you from your ski boots to your après boots, to your Snowboard boots, to your slippers, and even to bed with you! NOW with the app you can control them from you phone too. Replacement socks are available, they last for ages. Replacement socks are available from $139.95 1.0 & 3.0 series or $169.95 5.0 series.

Choose from Lenz Heated Sock 1.0 or 3.0 with 1200 Battery that lasts up to 14 hours & worldwide charger $349.95 (AUD), or Lenz Heated Sock Pack 5.0 with 1200 Battery & worldwide charger $399.95 or top of the range Lenz Heated Sock Pack 5.0 with 1800 Battery that lasts up to 20 hours & worldwide charger $449.95. The Lenz 5.0 has above and below toe box heating built in, the Lenz 1.0 & 3.0 have below tow box heating.

These great heated socks come in 4 sizes and have 3 heat settings, use the Lenz app from your smart phone for heat adjustment through the day.

LENZ heated gloves Ojos de Salado
LENZ heated gloves helped Dan Bull set the World Record for high altitude kayaking on Chile’s highest volcano © Dan Bull

LENZ heated gloves & mitts have proved themselves winners – once you try a pair anywhere cold you wont go back to ordinary gloves. Just ask Aussie adventurer and motivational speaker Dan Bull, who holds the World Record as the youngest person to complete the 7 summits & 7 volcanoes challenge. He also recently set another World Record for highest altitude kayaking ever on Chile’s Ojos de Salado volcano.

The LENZ 3.0 heated gloves as worn by Dan above come with a worldwide changeable battery system, that lasts up to 10 hours with 3 heat settings. Available in Mens or Ladies models, size S/M/L/XL $AUD 499.

LENZ Heat 3.0 glove
LENZ Heat 3.0 glove

LENZ Heat Mitt 3.0
LENZ Heat Mitt 3.0

LENZ heated socks, gloves and mitts are available at leading ski shops, for full stockists list check Lenz in Australia here

Grab a pair for yourself or they make a great gift.

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Lenz also make these in car boot heaters which are ideal for those long Aussie drives to the snow – arrive with your boots toasty warm ready to slip on in freezing carparks! Works off 12v only, $49.95.
For stockists or grab online go to Lenz downunder here.

Lenz in car boot heaters
Lenz in car boot heaters