Carve goggles fit out the family under $300!


We’ve been big fans of the Carve goggle range for years now. We rated them the best value under $AUD 100 goggles out there back in 2016. Seems like a lot of you share that opinion – every year we see more and more adults and kids donning these excellent goggles. Their quality and durability are excellent, they look great and they just work.

All mirrored up and looking good © Dave Windsor

The kicker, for individuals, but especially for families, is of course that they’re extremely affordable. Retailers tell us that they fly out the door. You can get them at most snow stores and big box active lifestyle specialists Anaconda, or online.

We decked out the family for Carve on-snow testing at Baw Baw and Hotham this southern winter and the new models we tried (see below for details) passed with flying colours. For durability my wife’s from 2016 still look like new – centre in pic above. That pair of Carve Platinums cost less then $70 and have done several missions to Japan and Italy, plus plenty of skiing at home.

Another noticeable brand evolution is the constant updating of styles, colours and range.  Carve have successfully managed to stay on trend and give the punters what they want in stylish and affordable fashion.

Recently they have expanded into North America too, another successful case of taking Aussie surf & snow design to the world. Carve started with highly successful sunglasses 20 years ago, then followed up with goggles.

Carve have something for the whole family, © Dave Windsor

Top end Carve goggles Boss model – treat yourself dads!

Decking out the whole family of 4 under $300 leaves room for a little indulgence for whoever is doing the family buying – yo dad!

I scored myself a sexy pair of Carve’s top end Boss goggles with magnetic interchangeable lens system ($149.99).

Two lenses are included, for high light and low light, that magnetically attach to the google frame. You can ad a clear lens too, perfect for night riding if you get into that often.

Carve’s Magnolink snap on / snap off design makes it pretty easy to change lenses as the conditions change. The magnets are certainly powerful enough for the lenses to remain securely attached. At times, if removing the goggles with one hand, I might accidentally remove the lens instead – this was easily fixed by simply using 2 hands to take them off.

In typical Carve style, they worked a treat – there was no fogging thanks to Carve’s Italian anti-fog lenses. I can still see so I suppose the UV protection worked. The adjustable strap assured a perfect fit, and I looked pretty good too – if I say so myself.

Certainly many people buy on style as much or more than anything, and staying on point with style trends has helped Carve grow the brand.

  • Frame Size: Medium
  • Triple layer custom fit foam
  • 100% – UV Protection
  • Magnolink Interchangable lens
  • Adjustable strap
  • Helmet compatible
  • Italian anti fog lens
  • Silicone waves
Carve Boss goggles
Carve’s top end Boss model comes with dual lenses; add a clear lens too for night riding

Carve Rush all round model

My 13 year old Porshia loved her legendary Rush All Round Lenses with a classic mirrored finish ($49.99). I loved the fact that she stopped bugging me to borrow, & scratch, my mirrored pairs (it’s the little things!).

Admittedly, the red-orange iridium external coating looked super slick.

Carve Rush goggles
Carve Rush are great value at $49.99

Carve Aspire kids goggles

6 year old Jack was a bit reserved about his rose coloured low light Aspire goggles ($39.99). But when the weather set in and the vis was poor, which happened a lot on our regular weekend trips to Baw Baw (their season pass deal makes skiing & boarding as affordable as it gets in Australia for families) he came to terms with the pink hue in preference to skiing blind.

The big key for the kids (fashion they like aside) is the excellent venting, comfort and anti-fogging – there’s nothing worse than uncomfortable and fogged up lenses and the corresponding whinging!

Both models feature an Italian anti-fog inner lens which stayed clear all day long.

In typical Carve style, they worked a treat – there was no fogging. The adjustable strap assured a perfect fit great for safety and no whingeing.

Carve Aspire kid’s goggle are only $39.99
Carve goggles for kids
Taking the kids skiing over summer? Stick some Carve goggles in the stocking to get them excited © Dave Windsor

Carve Shoots goggle

To round out the family package for $79.99 Carve’s Shoots goggle gives you the features and quality other brands charge a lot more for.

You get a vented flow through system, adjustable strap, silicone waves, and anti-fog lens, in a variety of colour frames and lenses!

The Shoots are another excellent choice, but my wife decided to just takeover my pre-loved Carve Platinums most days. Those were just $69.99, so for those doing the maths on this feature that makes a neat $299.97 to sort our family of four with quality goggles they love to wear that definitely do the job.

Can’t ask for more than that for less.

Carve Shoots goggle with low light lens

More info

Many Carve goggles are also available in Asian Fit sizing, perfect for more petit noses. Check the full range online here

Carve Boss Asian Fit model