Attiba the World’s safest and among the styliest aprés boots


Attiba are the World’s safest winter boots, and some of the most fashionable. The Attiba safety secret is their special Rota non-slip soles, which work like pop out crampons and are perfect for ice & snow. Nothing worse than taking yourself out off-the-snow at the snow – hey, it’s easy enough to do that skiing and boarding. But sadly, lots of people hurt themselves worse slipping over on icy roads, footpaths and balconies.

Attiba Rota sole
Attiba’s Rota sole with pop out crampon grips is the best!

The more you travel to ski the more you realise how important safe footwear is, and the colder it gets the truer that is.
Attiba soles are rated to -30° C, and the upper has a wind block snow proof liner, so they can take serious cold.
But these are not work boots, they are play boots, and being Italian designed and made style is a given. Boots for cold that look hot.
Attiba crampon grips
It’s a snap to pop the Attiba crampon grips out or back in

“Slipping over on ice and snow round the resort village is not just embarassing, it’s painful – an injury can wreck your holiday or your season. I made the switch to Attiba Venice aprés boots and just love the pop out Attiba Sole crampons that mean no slip ups, even when it’s really icy” says Snow Action Editorial Director Carmen Price. “They’re warm, comfortable and stylish too, and have done me two full seasons in Patagonia plus three summers of trips (we do two Japan trips and maybe a USA or Europe trip as well) and they still look good.”
“Speaking of Japan of course there it’s take your shoes off every 5 minutes going inside and the Attibas have adjustable front laces and the ease of a side zip for entry so that is simple. A touch of faux fur completes the picture, they are must haves girls!”
Not just for the ladies though lads, they are available in a great range of ladies & men’s styles, from $199.99
The Rota sole system is easy to use, a snap to pop in and out – they come with a little plastic tool for the purpose that can be slotted on a keyring. Or just use a coin – you can use fingers, but who wants to do that in the cold?
They are widely available at good ski shops across Australia, or direct from H-H Sports – find your nearest stockists or shop them online at

Attiba Venice boots
Popped in Attiba’s have great grip for spring/soft conditions

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